Warsow, le FPS gratuit orienté action et multi se voit doté d'une nouvelle version en même temps qu'une refonte de son site officiel.
La version windows peut se récupérer en version full ou sous forme de patch que je vous propose ci-dessous :

  • Version 0.12 (full)
  • Patch 0.1 => 0.12

    Pour les versions linux, allez faire un petit tour sur le site officiel.

    Le changelog complet se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

  • Bugfixes:
    - BE could kick people who had BE disabled because of packetloss.
    - BE could kick people who were downloading the map because of packetloss.
    - Querying list of servers from master was not working for mods.
    - There were still some server crashes, with message talking about "zlib".
    - Overly long screenshot names could have .jp extension instead of .jpg.
    - cg_crosshair_color setting was not working correctly after vid_restart.
    - Flag stats for the HUD were not working.
    - Armor and health still decayed while in timeout.
    - Armor had an incorrect degradation setting.
    - When opened ingame, team aspect menu drawed the model on bottom.
    - Flag countdown would disappear when going to overtime.
    - Carrier defense bonus was sometimes being given to the actual carrier.
    - Using drawStringNum from HUD scripts crashed Warsow.
    - Blood stains had an ugly gray area around them.
    - Players command showed everyone with BE off with sv_battleye 2.
    - Back button was in wrong place at UI sometimes.
    - Two clients with the same ip couldn't connect to the same server (Windows).
    - Second player in duel got removed from the challenger queue when changing
    map in warmup.
    - Console kick command couldn't be used to kick connecting players.
    - Sometimes the editing line in console got messed up.
    - Demo playback had wrong speed.
    - Doors with a team assigned weren't working properly.

    - Many weapons now have less pickup and/or max ammo.
    - Backpack now only drops current weapon's ammo plus Gunblade ammo.
    - Removed reading and writing of dedicated.cfg.
    - Server browser is now a little faster.
    - Added mods menu to the UI.
    - Flag carrier is now able to reset flag timer by touching his own base.
    - HUD icon now showed when flag is in base.
    - Added flag timer sounds.
    - Flag timer now turns red when there is less than 2.5 seconds left.
    - Capture time is now centerprinted to the player who made the capture.
    - New settings cg_explosionsAlpha and cg_explosionsRingAlpha were added.
    - Viewsize slider was removed from the UI.
    - Strong riotgun reload time is now the same as weak one.
    - Riotgun now shoots more pellets, but does less damage per pellet.
    - Flag reset at wctf1 is now 8.
    - Remove instagib gametype, but add g_instagib server setting to make all
    gametypes instagib.
    - Added cg_crosshair_strong, cg_crosshair_strong_color and
    cg_crosshair_strong_size settings.
    - Added new callvotes: "mute ", "vmute " (mutes vsays) and "allready".
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