cryostasissleepofreason_017.jpg505 Games qui se charge de la distribution en Europe de l'Ouest de Cryostasis : Sleep of Reason vient d'annoncer qu'il sortirait le 20 février en exclusivité sur PC. Pour ceux qui débarquent, Cryostasis : Sleep of Reason est un FPS qui vous fait incarner Alexander Nesterov, un jeune météorologiste russe qui se retrouve en 1968 dans le cercle polaire à bord d'un brise glace soviétique évoluant dans l'atmosphère de la crainte animale. L'ajout majeur de ce titre se réside dans le système "Mental Echo", ce dernier vous permettra de pénétrer dans le cerveau de vos ennemis et de changer leurs actions afin de vous sortir des pires situations.

Le communiqué complet se trouve en anglais dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Milton Keynes, 14th January 2009 – 505 Games has today announced that it is releasing icy survival horror Cryostasis, fast-paced monster FPS NecroVisioN and World War II strategy title Men of War under the 1C Company label on 20th February 2009 exclusively on PC.

Taking place in the Arctic Circle in 1981, players take on the role of Alexander Nesterov, a Russian meteorologist sent to investigate the final hours of the North Wind, an old nuclear ice-breaker shipwrecked in an icy grave.

The freezing cold has turned the inhabitants of the ship into freakish frozen monsters that will hunt down anything warm and destroy it. Thankfully, Alex possesses a unique ‘Mental Echo’ ability, which allows him to relive the final memories of the dead and change their actions in the past.

But, can Alex discover what happened on the North Wind or will he also become the latest victim of the terrible cold?

NecroVisioN is a first-person horror shooter, which sees players taking on the role of American soldier Simon Bukner, who must fight his way through the bleak trenches of World War One and into the very jaws of Hell.

Dead soldiers are coming back to life with a lust for human flesh, a mad German scientist has created a giant robotic scorpion and an ancient war between vampires and demons is threatening to wipe out humanity.

Armed with his powerful Shadow Hand and demonic weapons, Bukner must battle to save himself... and the world.

See World War Two from three different sides - Russian, Allied and German – as you command entire armies and plot your battle strategies across epic maps based on real-life locations.

Men of War takes place across the globe during the height of World War II and features three different campaigns, each with their own unique units, vehicles and missions. From the Russian missions starring two student comrades fresh to the horrors of war, players are soon catapulted into massive battles with dozens of units under their command.

In addition to the in-depth single player experience, Men of War also unleashes a range of multiplayer maps based on the main missions along with action-packed ‘capture the flag’ and ‘high-value cargo’ modes.
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Dans l'idée ça me fait penser à Penumbra, pas vous ?

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(#2) 17 janvier 2009 à 11h21
Penumbra c'est plus de l'aventure, là c'est clairement plus orienté shoot. Après il y a des similitudes dans l'ambiance...
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