bloodfrontier_001.jpgBlood Frontier, le FPS open source basé sur le Cube 2 Engine vient de passer en version bêta. Par rapport à la dernière Alpha, l'Intelligence Artificelle à été améliorée, des nouvelles armes ont été ajoutées (fusil laser, lance grenades), des effets de Ragdolls ont été ajoutés (grâce aux dernières améliorations du moteur), des nouvelles cartes ont été ajoutées, ainsi que de nouveaux sons. Vous l'aurez compris, tout à été refondu et amélioré. Le téléchargement peut s'effectuer à cette adresse pour 255 Mo.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
* Improved Artificial Intelligence. We’ve put alot of work into making the bots alot more useful in matches; they balance teams for you, defend you and your flags, attack your enemies, and exhibit different behaviours depending on their wide range of skill levels. Should you think they’re just not mean enough (and they are mean) try your hand at the superbots by setting botminskill to 101 and prepare to be slaughtered!

* Cool weapons and effects. The arsenal at your disposal has been expanded and improved significantly; try your hand with the new Laser Rifle, lob a Grenade and watch the firey debris fly around, or stare in wonder as the pellets from your gun ricochet about damaging you and your enemies. Our weapons are designed with satisfaction and fun in mind!

* Ragdolls! New from Cube Engine 2, the Lead Programmer Eihrul has kindly backported his awesome new ragdoll effects; making fragging look all the more beautiful and exciting!

* New maps, sounds, and artwork. We’ve gained quite a few new developers on the project recently, many of whom work professionally in their field. Our game now has a catchy new tune, maps have more ambience than ever, and our list of maps has been reworked and expanded slightly. In addition, we have a cool new Laser Rifle which really makes you feel powerful and in the game.

* Extended game and environment controls. Mappers now have access to a wide variety of variables to fine tune every aspect of their environment - from gravity and speed down to the friction, allowing more immersive and varied environments than ever before. Entity linking has been improved and triggers have been integrated into the online system - meaning when you step in front of a door - it will open, whether you are online or offline! This is all not to mention the wide array of variables available to players themselves, from “kamikaze 3″ to “botminskill 101″ to “spawnweapon 6″ - play the game how you want to play it, and fun fun while doing so!

* Polish, polish, polish. The interface and gameplay has been refined to a tee; know exactly what to do and what is happening at any given moment. Move with expert precision with our “look and press jump” impulsing system, which lets you move around at much faster speeds in any direction you want - even sideways or up - and no longer feel like you’re floating in thick goop, the gravity is the same but the player’s weight has been tweaked so you feel like you can actually play (and androids are heavy anyway, right?).
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