Nouvelle rustine pour l'un des FPS les plus patchés de tous les temps
Comme toutes les semaines, Valve Software sort un patch pour Team Fortress 2. Le dernier en date, disponible depuis quelques jours ajoute les objets de Rift dans le jeu, mais continue également l'optimisation de certains objets, débutée en janvier dernier. Bien évidemment, cette rustine corrige son lot de bugs, notamment sur la map Cp_Granary qui voit ses performances générales améliorée, mais également une nouvelle porte d'entrée vers les bases Rouge/Bleue.

Comme d'habitude avec Steam, le patch sera effectif au prochain lancement du jeu.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
* Added Rift promotional items
o New items: Sun-On-A-Stick and Sharpened Volcano Fragment.
o New achievement: Riftwalker
* Updated several more models with optimizations and new LODs.
* Fixed seeing a partial health bar in the upper left corner of the spectator menu.
* Fixed the control point progress bar not being aligned properly when using cl_hud_minmode 1.
* Fixed the The Essential Accessories hiding the Scout's hat/headphones.
* Updated sounds for the Brass Beast.
* Updated the Scottish Resistance stickybombs to always glow if they will be detonated by a right-click, including the stickybombs under the Demoman's feet.
* Changed default crosshair to be more opaque, like the custom crosshairs.
* Fixed some missing surfaces on the bottom of the Pyro's mask.
* Fixed the assister's name not being listed in the Fish humiliation and kill notices.
* Fixed the Force-a-Nature not drawing correctly in the character loadout screen.
* Engineers who hit teammate's sentry guns with their wrench now get kill assists from that sentry.
* Made the Jag gift wrappable.
* Fixed seeing a badge on the player when a noisemaker is equipped.
* Fixed particle effects on the Hustler's Hallmark.
* Added FCVAR_DONTRECORD flags to 'bind,' 'bind_mac,' 'unbind,' 'unbind_mac,' and 'unbindall' so they can't be recorded into a demo (fixes having your keys changed when you watch a demo).
* Updated Cp_Granary
o Added a new entrance to the mid Red/Blue ramp rooms.
o Clipping, lighting and perf improvements.
* Tournament mode HUD fixes
o Fixed seeing an empty alert tray under the stopwatch timer.
o Fixed a bug where the time for the tournament mode stopwatch wasn't being displayed.
o Fixed the countdown when both teams are ready always reading "0 seconds"
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