E.Y.E. : Divine Cybermancy, le FPS cyberpunk des français de Streum On Studio, loin d'être terminé à sa sortie, continue de se voir mis à jour. La dernière en date, la version 1.31, apporte le support des niveaux personnalisés (accessibles en multi joueur, et en solo via un nouvel NPC), le FGD de E.Y.E, une notice explicative, ainsi que des sources exemples de niveaux, donc tout ce qui est nécessaire à la communauté pour créer ses propres maps. Cette mise à jour concerne aussi un changement majeur dans le système de mission secondaires (cm_), le ré-équilibrage du poids des équipements, et des délais d’attaques après un sprint, ainsi qu’une amélioration notable des clones et drones du joueur.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Patch 1.31:

Added: Custom maps support: FGD and guidelines to create your own levels.
Added: New NPC on Temple allowing to play custom maps.
Added: New secondary and coop missions map: cm_wurstercorp (cc_tuto2).
Added: New custom secondary and coop missions map: cm_cu_minos.
Added: Keyboard shortcut for the slaves control action.
Added: Additional player spawnpoints.
Added: Possibility to use firearms while underwater.
Added: The Cyber Sprint icon is now displayed while sprinting.


Updated: Improvement of the slaves (clones, drones...).
Updated: Decreased the ammunition weight.
Updated: There is no more delay before being able to attack after a short sprint or after using the ironsight.
Updated: New system of secondary and coop missions (cm_).
Updated: Falling in pits does not restart the mission anymore.
Updated: Latency optimization on cc_new_eden.
Updated: New interface when speaking with the NPCs.
Updated: Removed the possibility to answer with the keyboard during dialogues.
Updated: The parry against firearms doesn't work anymore if the stamina level reaches 0.
Updated: Improved the NPC navigation on Temple.
Updated: New collision system for the players.
Updated: The video tutorials do not automatically display anymore on cc_tuto.
Updated: Increased the maximum avatar level from 230 to 250.
Updated: Improved the hitboxes localization and added new hitboxes for players and for most of the NPCs.
Updated: Modified the rat's walking animation.
Updated: Removed the thrown car script on New Eden.
Updated: The Scrabouillor armor has been increased and the armor shock has been decreased.
Updated: Great decrease of the latency when using a blade.
Updated: Possessed NPCs cannot target an invulnerable NPC anymore.
Updated: Invulnerable NPCs cannot be possessed anymore.
Updated: Access to the Character's Menu during death or while falling has been removed.
Updated: Federal Special Forces now use plasma weapons instead of laser weapons in multiplayer.

Bug fixes:

Fixed: Mission not saved in some cases on cc_forgotten.
Fixed: Possible crash that could occur in coop campaign when players accomplished missions before a Master of Fate was in the game.
Fixed: Possible crash while using the Excidium.
Fixed: The PSI drain was too frequent and too deadly with the Dragon spell.
Fixed: Possible melee issue after a maintenance.
Fixed: Some weapons were not displayed correctly in third person when players were cloaked or using the EYE Vision or the Sound Triangulation.
Fixed: Possible crash on cc_tuto.
Fixed: The BK13 wasn't wall-piercing in all firemodes.
Fixed: Clones could be created even when a player died from a PSI drain while using Polycloning.
Fixed: The armor-piercing icon for the BK13 in the armory was missing.
Fixed: Skinning issue with the Manduco when it's dismembered.
Fixed: Skinning issue in first person with the left hand of the player holding a Caw Hammer.
Fixed: Incorrect physbox on a tube on Electric Sheep.
Fixed: Skinning issue on the light Jian's player model.
Fixed: Bug on the character creation during a change level.
Fixed: The medkit and grenades could be used during maintenance.
Fixed: Dual weapons exploit.
Fixed: Removed the console messages 'No special command for Cheater! LOL!' that could show up when players didn't cheat.
Fixed: Invisible hackable transcom on cm_new_eden.
Fixed: Relationship error between the punks on cc_forgotten.
Fixed: Updated obsolete triggers on Temple.
Fixed: Possibility to respawn in the pits on Temple.
Fixed: Model overlap on Temple.
Fixed: Movements weren't correctly displayed in third person view while leaning in some circumstances.
Fixed: Endurance was incorrectly taken into account instead of Agility for the purchase of the Scrabouillor.
Fixed: Hole under the arch model on noctis.
Fixed: Holding some keyboard shortcut could prevent players from respawning or make players respawn faster.
Fixed: Incorrect respawn situation when a player was killed in mid-air above a pit.
Fixed: Incorrect tiling of some textures.
Fixed: The Actions menu wasn't correctly refreshed after an avatar change without exiting the game.
Fixed: Using Invocation on a target in a confined area could make the spawned creature stuck.
Fixed: Farming exploit on Noctis.
Fixed: Researches didn’t affect the Scrabouillor’s armor.
Fixed: Model overlap on cc_tuto2.
Fixed: Call of nonexistent gibs for the model bio_drone_01.
Fixed: Incorrect relationship between Culters and Jians on cm_dreams.
Fixed: Players could lean while jumping.
Fixed: Lavalette could spawn infinite carnophages as long as he was alive on cc_ancient.
Fixed: Balthazar could be killed by NPCs on cc_falling.
Fixed: Incorrect alpha channel on the Cyberware seller’s icon.
Fixed: Animation jerking in first person view when players switched weapons while looking up or down.
Fixed: Lugger, the punk boss and his boys were present on cm_forgotten.
Fixed: The apostrophe cannot be used in the avatar’s name anymore. It could reset the avatar if it was renamed with a name containing an apostrophe.
Fixed: Missing node graph on cc_end.
Fixed: Various typo errors in texts.
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