Une nouvelle version de Doomsday vient de voir le jour. Il s'agit de la version 1.7.11 qui corrige énormément de choses (voir cette page).
Bugfixes Only
revised server delta generation: fixed-size frames, prioritized contents, sounds are stored inside frames (not separate packets), redundant missile coordinates not sent
server refuses connection if new client's ID already in use
revised clientside handling of frames: collision detection for movement prediction, missiles hidden on impact
revised low-level networking: implement confirmed/ordered packets manually, detect duplicates, Huffman encoding (60%-70% compression)
cmd 'huffman': print Huffman efficiency and number of bytes sent
mobj translucency 0-255 (selector still overrides)
mobj floatbobbing is done by engine (clientside), DDMF_BOB added
client is allowed some movement while airborne (easier jumping)
by default, external resources are no longer loaded for textures from PWADs; use the -pwadtex option to change this (cvar 'rend-tex-external-always')
console command line cursor can be moved left and right
default key repeat interval is now 3 tics (was 4)
braces { and } are equivalent to quotes, e.g.: "alias init-map03 {after 1 {warp 5}}"
cmd 'listcmds' prints a description for each command
cmd 'toggle': toggle a cvar's value between zero and nonzero
cmd 'if': execute a command if the condition is true (tests cvar values)
max number of light decorations increased to 16 per texture
fixed: occlusion for planes exactly at eye-Z
fixed: client was sending too much data (now it's about 0.3 KB/s)
included DED files are read immediately after the Include directive has been encountered
fixed: pausing the game also stops spinning models, floatbob
external music was not loaded correctly from virtual files
fixed: clientside mobjs and players on moving planes
fixed: external sound resources reloaded every time the sound starts
fixed: tracking of currently playing sounds
fixed: floorclip values were restricted to 64 in mobj deltas
fixed: client stepup limit is now exactly 24 units
fixed: coord/offset problems if same sprite used in game and HUD
missing upper texture in a skyceiling sector replaced with the backsector's ceiling (was just blank white)
fixed: base path validation (could be missing a slash)
fixed: path of CPHelp.txt was sometimes not translated
fixed: mobj translucency didn't affect the shadow
fixed: incoming message queue protected by a mutex
music is not restarted if it's already playing
fixed: finding model files/skins with base-relative paths
savegames stored in game mode specific subdirs (mixups now avoided)
cvar 'view-bob-weapon-switch-lower': if zero, HUD weapon is not lowered during a weapon switch
value 'Weapon Info|*|Static': if nonzero, HUD weapon is not lowered during a weapon switch
game-corpse-time: corpses fade smoothly
fixed: button deactivation sound
fixed: crash when "kill" used when not in a map
savegames stored in game mode specific subdirs (mixups now avoided)
game-corpse-time: corpses fade smoothly
fixed: button deactivation sound
fixed: Speed + Use Artifact made the player jump
fixed: on clientside, wind didn't affect player (e.g. E1M1)
savegames stored in game mode specific subdirs (mixups now avoided)
option -savedir: set savegame directory
fixed: polyobj destination/speed for sliding doors (e.g. map05)
fixed: restoring polyobjs and hidden mobjs from saved map
fixed: problem with excessive sound sequence repeat (e.g. map12)
fixed: torch light for remote players
fixed: no mobjs spawned when dedicated server starts
clientside powers were not correctly set to zero at death, map change
clientside Wings of Wrath icon didn't rotate when flying
fixed: dedicated server deadlock when monsters don't find any players
fixed: crash when minotaur vanishes and master is dead
fixed: 'use artifact' sounds not audible on clientside
fixed: crash when "kill" used when not in a map
fixed: screen border flicker in fullscreen mode (again)
fixed: floatbobbing objects go through the floor
Deathkings map36: playerstart group >4 accepted
server sends condition truth values to clients (secret, leavehub)
when loading a savegame, line activators were not correctly restored
fixed a problem with mode selection (refresh rates)
fixed: pressing Enter after typing a path closed the installer dialog
glBSP run with the -fresh option to avoid bad BSP data

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