Une mise à jour pour Purge Online est disponible. Le fichier (1.4.7 retail) fait 21 Mo et se trouve ici.
Developed by Freeform Interactive, Purge players become members of the Order and the Chosen, with each side seeking elimination of the enemy and individual party survival. Players receive rewards as they win battles and complete objectives throughout gameplay. In addition, Purge offers several map options, innovative weaponry and extensive player customization to enhance the online war experience. The Purge 1.4.7 July Update have been released. It adds many new features and tweaks requested by players at the Purge forums. Read more for download links ...
- Special Forces Battle Mode option removed.
- Minimum Level Battle Mode option added.
- 2 new pre-fab Battle Modes: Skirmish War and Skirmish Ops.
- Agility has less speed variations. Low Agility will have the same speed, high Agility will have greater diminishing returns in speed.
- Crawl and walk speeds (Agility-based) are tweaked slower to better match animation.
- Jump height and fall-damage improved (Agility-based).
- Life has less hitpoint variations. Hitpoints are now Life x 5 + 50 HP.
- Stunning can no longer exceed 2.5 seconds regardless of Tenacity.
- Bunny-hopping discouraged. Players now jump higher but less far outwards. Easier for leaping on things. Harder for dodging.
- Initial spawn delay time increased from 30 seconds to 45 for slow loading players.
- Spawn killing discouraged. Respawn invulnerbility now 5 seconds regardless of player's attacking. (Note: To avoid rushing, players cannot buff themselves while invulnerable. However, players can build.)
- Platoon reinforcement size is now 5x max players per team.
- Company reinforcement size is now 10x max players per team.
- Batallion reinforcement size is now 20x max players per team.
- "Cargodepot" renamed to "Cargo Depot" to keep with naming conventions.
Skills General
- Light Skill has a shorter fuse and greater effective radius.
- Light Skill uses 33% more Energy.
- Light Skill has 33% more range.
Weapons General
- All explosive/heavy ammo 50% heavier except Traps & Mines.
- Traps now stay even when a player is killed.
- Traps no longer blink.
- All Explosive Warhead and Bludgeon weapon types have 2.0 stun modifier.
- All "cold stun" weapon types slow opponents down to crawling speed.
- Frostbolt primary attack totally redesigned.
- Frostbolt has greatly improved "freeze stunning".
- Frostbolt does 12.5% less damage.
- SCRUB rocket 33% faster.
- Vorpal Crossbow damage increased by 20%.
- Recoil penality reduced by 50%.
- Gauss Rifle damage increased by 20%
- CriticalShot skill covers entire torso area (including the shoulders and the upper pelvis) for a Critical Hit.
- Chemical Thrower now known as the FrostThrower.
- Greatly improved "freeze stunning" from the FrostThrower.
- FrostThrower has better "cone" hit detection.
- Chemical Grenades have more effective toxic radius and denser smoke.
- Chemical Grenades have 12.5% more velocity.
- Chemical Grenades have 2 seconds less duration.
- NPC messages and Portal warnings moved to the top of the screen to be less obstructive.
- Fixed issue that Objectives still showed up after 3 respawns.
- NPC messages are less sensitive to idling.
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