Cela fait déjà plusieurs semaines que l'annonce d'une démo de Medal of Honor: Breakthrough a été faite pour une sortie courant septembre. Aujourd'hui on en sait plus : le site officiel du jeu vient d'annoncer que la sortie de la démo se fera le 10 septembre.

De plus, la démo comprendra la campagne italienne d'Anzio, le 14 avril 1944. Elle se jouera en mode "Liberation" : le but et de capturer tous les membres de l'équipe adversaire et pour cela, il faut les empêcher de renaître en détruisant leur quartier général. Cela effectué, lorsqu'un joueur sera tué, il sera immédiatement emprisonné dans la prison adversaire, jusqu'à ce que ses alliés viennent le libérer. Une liste des armes est aussi donnée.

L'annonce officielle est ci-contre :
    Anzio, Italy - April 14, 1944

    By the time you reach Anzio you’ve become accustomed to enemy shelling, but this time the Axis have brought in massive guns that pose an extraordinary threat. If they are not taken out, the entire beachhead will be destroyed—along with the Allied landing force.

    "War is a catalogue of blunders." English Prime Minister Winston Churchill

    At Churchill’s insistence, the Allies landed at Anzio in hopes that the Germans would react to a major landing behind their own lines by retreating from Monte Cassino. Instead the Germans stayed put, surrounding the beachhead at Anzio and pounding it with shells.

    Churchill was not pleased, saying "I expected to see a wildcat roaring into the mountains, and what do I find? A whale wallowing on the beaches!"

    The men at Anzio now needed relief, and the exhausted Allied forces at Monte Cassino were forced to push even harder in order to rescue the men who were meant to be their saviors.

    Are you read for the next phase of the war?

    Liberation is a completely new style of Medal of Honor™ multiplayer game play with the goal being to capture the entire opposing team. It is possible to stop them from re-spawning by destroying their Headquarters, but this is a difficult task that can only be accomplished with the coordinated use of artillery and armor.

    Each time a player is killed he or she remains in a POW jail until freed by teammates. Teamwork is essential, as multiple tasks are required to open the jail. Want to be the hero? The last free soldier can free the whole squad and still win the game.

    Want to add a new twist to game play? Then play as a minesweeper that is capable of placing and detecting landmines setup by the enemy.


    The bomba a mano, or hand bomb, is the standard-issue grenade of the Italian army. Each grenade’s stamped metal casing is painted red, resulting in the common name of “Red Devil.” Allied troops have discovered that this grenade’s explosive powder can be dumped out and the fuse replaced with a wick, making a nice little lantern for writing letters in the evening.

    The Italians also produce a smoking version of the model 35. It can obscure infantry and vehicular activity or work as a decoy, diverting attention in the featureless expanses of the desert. The grenades themselves are very similar to their explosive counterparts, but each grenade’s steel casing is painted yellow and perforated with large holes.


    The standard sidearm of Italian Army officers is the Beretta Model 34, a simple, reliable, small pistol with good stopping power. Composed of only 39 parts, this semiautomatic handgun can consistently deliver up to 40 9mm rounds in one minute. It weighs less than two pounds, and its versatility ensures that it sees action at every Italian front.


    The Italian Army’s standard-issue rifle is the Carcano Model 91. The Carcano’s basic design is getting old, as it was originally commissioned in 1892. Yet this is a trend-setting firearm, with a tiny caliber of just 7.35 mm, which will soon be normal for military rifles. It has a short barrel and a fixed aim of 500 meters. It feeds six rounds per clip through bolt action, but the rifle’s design makes it very difficult to load and fire single shots.


    Legendary among snipers and the soldiers who fear them, the British No.4 Mk1 (T) is a remarkable weapon. Each one begins as a standard Enfield rifle that is handpicked for its extraordinary accuracy. It is then shipped to a quality gunsmith where the stock is replaced and a scope is fitted. These highly accurate rifles are durable and comfortable to shoot, making them a marksman’s dream in combat. They fire a 7.62 mm high-velocity bullet from a 10-round magazine, and can be accurate up to a thousand meters.


    This unique Italian weapon is highly sought after by soldiers on both sides of the front. Even the Italians can’t get their hands on them fast enough, as they were issued only to paratroopers until 1943. These lightweight weapons have two separate triggers, one for semi-automatic and one for automatic fire. They use the same 9 mm ammunition as the Beretta Model 34 pistol, firing up to 500 rounds per minute. They are revered prizes of war for the few Allied troops who manage to capture one.


    Very similar in appearance and functionality to the Bren, the Vickers-Berthier was in direct competition with the Bren to become the British Army light machine gun in the early 1930s. It lost, and Vickers gave up manufacturing the weapon. The Indian Army took up production, however, using these guns throughout World War II. It weighs only 22 pounds and can fire ten 7.7mm rounds in one second.


    The British PIAT (projector infantry Anti-Tank) takes a unique approach to the problem of launching projectiles at heavy mechanized vehicles. Instead of guiding a self-propelled charge like a U.S. Bazooka, the PIAT actually launches the projectile using a highly compressed spring. Cocking the spring, which requires about 200 pounds of force, is notoriously difficult, and firing it requires heavy pressure from all four trigger fingers. Nevertheless the PIAT is a capable tank-killer that can launch high explosive charges up to 700 yards or more, although at that distance you don’t stand much of a chance of hitting your target. Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough
    "You don’t play, you volunteer!"
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Mister G

(#0) 31 août 2003 à 23h53
Aaaaah le plein d'armes italiennes, s'il vous plait!

(#0) 01 septembre 2003 à 16h31
Erk ! Non merci.
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