Sur les forums de, vous trouverez des propos annonçant que la prochaine mise à jour de Battlefield 1942, version 1.5 aurait certainement du retard.
Hi all,
On behalf of the BF-team at DICE and EA, I would like to thank everyone in the community for the excitement shown for the 1.5 patch and all that it's bringing to BF. I wish I didn't have to say this, but, I'm sorry to announce that we won't be releasing the 1.5 patch (and IoP map) this week.
We've been looking into fixes for both the lag caused by the destroyer machinegun and chat. Right now it looks like we might be able to get the destroyer MG lag fix in the 1.5 patch. But the chat lag is going to have to wait for the next patch release.
Here's the deal:
Destroyer MG lag - this only seems to happen if the player driving the destroyer is in 3rd person camera and a 2nd player climbs the ladder to the machinegun. The subsequent framerate hit could be felt by all players on the server.
Chat lag - this one is a biggie. The problem is, of course, what should take bandwidth priority? As you're all aware, BF1942 takes up large amounts of bandwidth transmitting all the information in-game. As such, we have to prioritize what information gets sent. It would not be acceptable to fix chat lag at the expense of incurring vehicle lag or related in-game experience. So, we're looking at solutions which don't impact the gameplay experience, but minimize chat lag.
So, the delay is caused by the extra testing we're doing to ensure that the destroyer lag fix doesn't impact other areas of the game. I hope everyone in the community understands the reasons for the delay. I know you are all looking forward to playing IoP this weekend, but I hope the extra time just whets your appetite that much more.
See you on the battlefield,
jamil aka [EA] Saracen
And just to reassure, the CD-swap fix is in the 1.5 patch. This means you can run BF and join any server with any retail BF1942 (original, RtR or SW) CD in the drive.

Rien d'étonnant, il n'existe plus rien qui sort à la date prévue.
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(#0) 11 octobre 2003 à 19h08
Faut pas qu'on se pleingne des retards on retarde nous-même la prochaine version de notre site

(#0) 11 octobre 2003 à 21h52
Effectivement, ça devient long
On veut une date Zork ^^
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