Alors que le jeu n'était même pas sorti, le patch 1.01 voyait déjà le jour sur nos FTPs. Cependant, même avec cette mise à jour, les bugs étaient encore grandement présents surtout à propos du mode "Coopération". Sachez que Ubisoft vient de publier le deuxième patch pour Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory corrigeant principalement des défauts du jeu.

- Télécharger Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory 1.02 (~75 Mo)
- Télécharger Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory 1.01@1.02 (~30 Mo)

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory v1.02 Patch Contents

Highlights of patch 1.02 include fixes mainly for the Coop mode.

Bug Fixes
- A *LOT* of disconnections have been corrected in Coop mode.
- Maximum username length was inconsistent with the one used on web site.
- Fix session connection issues when connecting to an online game.
- Fix impossibility to join a game (and the user having to hard quit the game) after joining a game that he was banned from.
- Ingame chat should now be replicated properly.
- Maximum timeout has been slightly increased to help low-end machines connected to high end ones.
- Corrected crash when saving in a Coop game using a wrong Game Saving functionality. Note: In order to save, you must open the Pause menu and save from there.
- Fix some issues with event not happening the same way on the two computers, thus resulting in a disconnection.
- Fix some issues with passworded online games.

General Improvements
- All Seeing Eye support has been implemented.
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